Friends of Bridges
Friends of Bridges

Partnering Businesses:

Salon  Marceline


We’re partnering with Bridges of Hope, a non-profit organization, created in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa that has ravaged the country to a greater extent than any other country on earth.  This organization is bringing hope to at-risk women, young children and orphans by offering solutions such as community health education, after school programs and support groups. Not only is Bridges of Hope bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to South Africans, but partnering with others to provide tangible help and leadership for the future.  Please help us help them by simply redirecting your personal care dollars to Arbonne’s pure, safe & beneficial products and we will contribute 100% of our profit!

 Four Truffles

Since hope is one of the “four truffles” it is only fitting that we chose this powerful organization that has brought hope for the sick, hope for the dying, hope for orphans, hope for widows, hope for gang members, hope for the young, and hope for the elderly with a model of community transformation that works!

We love that Bridges of Hope offers long‐term, self‐sustaining solutions to at-risk women and children who are suffering. The $4 donation for every 6.2oz Body Butter sold from August to December 2010 helps support micro-enterprise development for women to train to start their own business and to sponsor orphans to attend boarding school as we believe that providing an education helps increase odds for a better future.

 Polycil Health

 Santa Barbara Winery




Partnering Churches:

Rolling Hills Covenant Church

In 2004 Rolling Hills Covenant Church [RHCC] sent its first short-term mission team to South Africa to support Dennis Wadley, former high school ministry pastor at RHCC, and his family in their ministry “Bridges of Hope.” Since then, RHCC has continued to partner with Bridges of Hope in its efforts to serve communities and townships ravaged by HIV/AIDS, with specific care for the growing number of children orphaned by this disease. Together with Bridges of Hope, RHCC also partnered with St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Philippi, and provided funds for the construction of the church facility in Philippi.
The children in the black townships outside Cape Town grow up in terrible poverty in neighborhoods with high rates of crime and gang activity and lives that are devastated by AIDS. Many children are orphaned by AIDS and grow up with only knowing life in the township and the hopelessness it can breed.  The vision shared Bridges of Hope and RHCC was to have a retreat center in which children could come and be ministered to in a loving outdoor and retreat center atmosphere. Rolling Hills Covenant has sent several short-term teams comprised of high school students and adults to run after school programs at the Center.
The dream was also to build a residential High School Academy for children orphaned by AIDS.  This dream was rooted in the belief that God could use the children’s lives and transform them to become key parts of an emerging new generation to lead South Africa. With significant help from our RHCC, as well as other churches, that dream has now become a reality. A former bed and breakfast with acreage that used to be a vineyard was purchased. Rolling Hills helped to fund a full-time missionary, Ted Holdeman, who served in a key role during the construction of various buildings for the Bridges of Hope Leadership Academy, as well as maintaining the operations of the Bridges of Hope Retreat Center.
Rolling Hills Covenant Church has enjoyed our thriving partnership with Bridges of Hope. As a congregation we give praise to the Lord for connecting our church with Bridges of Hope. We pray that together we will serve Jesus in redeeming lives for His glory and bring lasting and sustained positive change to South Africa.


Rock Harbor Church

Mountain Life Church


Community Covenant Church


K2 the Church

Ocean Hills

Greentree Community Church

Strategic Partners:

Covenant World Mission

Global CHE Network

Taste of Hope

Medical Ambassadors

Vitamin Angels

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