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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 
Regarding Bridges of Hope 
Our work with faith‐based programs in developing countries focuses on HIV/AIDS and brings us into contact with many organizations and programs.  Of the many that exist, there are several that are outstanding.  Under the leadership of Dennis Wadley, Bridges of Hope offers a compassionate and responsive program to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those who live in one of the most heavily impacted townships in South Africa.  We had the opportunity to visit with him, his staff, and the wonderful people who are served by them. 
There are many things that impressed us.  There was a clear vision of the needs of individuals and a comprehensive plan to meet their many concerns and needs while offering understanding of the unique cultural and economic differences that affect spiritual and physical health.  The impact of Bridges of Hope was evident. 
As we read the regular e-mails that detail the progress and prayer requests and even the events that result in pain and suffering of those who are already over-burdened, we realize how important presence of Bridges of Hope is in an atmosphere that is otherwise often depressed.  The concern and compassion is always evident as Dennis directs his staff with a special insight to understand the people he serves.  His ability to carry out programs of action through Bridges of Hope is both a gift and a skill. 
Arthur J. Ammann MD, President 
Global Strategies
for HIV Prevention

The Reverend Dennis Wadley 
Bridges of Hope 
PO Box 288 
Franschhoek, 7690 
South Africa 
Dear Dennis: 
Thank you for being such an example to us of what can be done in our ongoing efforts in ending the AIDS pandemic.  The effective and efficient way in which you and Bridges of Hope have been implementing Community Health Education, is inspiring.  During the last decade I have visited thousands of community Health Education projects, and the outcomes achieved by Bridges of Hope are among some of the very best I have witnessed.  
What I appreciate most is how your organization is succeeding in empowering the national leadership and the growing level of sustainability that that is resulting from it.  You are demonstrating that not only individuals, but communities can be impacted, even in some of the highest crime areas in South Africa.  The hundreds of kids that are benefiting from your after school programs and the programs and camps you run during their school vacations, are examples of what I am referring to.  We were touched by some of the testimonies of those who benefited from your programs. 
Of particular interest to me is the cutting edge work you are doing in HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care.  Again, the way your outreach is expanding to other underserved communities spontaneously by those how have benefited from your program, is the kind of reproducible model that I believe is needed in many other parts of Africa.  It was a privilege for me to facilitate with some of the trainings in the past.  Looking forward to being there for you and Bridges of Hope in future when needed. 
Gil H Odendaal Ph.D. 
Global Director HIV/AIDS Initiative 
Saddleback Church 
1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA  92630 
Tel 949‐609‐

Covenant World Relief 
5101 N Francisco Ave 
Chicago, IL  60625 

To whom it may concern: 
Covenant World Relief is pleased to have partnered in various forms with the work of Bridges of Hope and Dennis and Susan Wadley.   
Their thoughtful discernment of “best practices” in the care of HIV/AIDS persons and families is most gratifying to observe and has stayed consistent in quality over these several years we have partnered together.  Further, they continue to “equip and learn” for this work, this ministry.  We are most pleased with the care they take in educating all volunteers and staff on the topic of HIV and the community.  Their commitment to “hospice” care in the home grants a dignity to life often lost in the township.  We are also impressed with the deep commitment to partnership with the local community they manifest in all their programs. 
Bridges of Hope’s after‐school program is creative and innovative and to my observations successful beyond expectation!  To witness the impact this has had on the entire school community is inspiring and causes one to wish it could be duplicated. 
Covenant World Relief (CWR) has found Bridges of Hope to manage the hired and volunteer staff very well and with good discipline.  CWR we are pleased with their staff, and financial, controls and oversight. 
We are eager to continue in partnership with their work and lift it as a model in other regions. 
Jim Sundholm  ( 
Director, Covenant World Relief

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