Community Development
Community Development

In essence, Bridges of Hope’s mission in Micronesia revolves around the formation and equipping of leaders, developing holistic communities, and creating vibrant partnerships around the world. 

For four years Karyn Sorenson lived in Micronesia. “It took years to earn the respect and trust of the Micronesians, years just to grasp a working knowledge of their complex culture, and three years before I was invited to their remote islands to provide relief for hurting families, pastors, and churches. I feel privileged to have finally reached this place where I can deeply reach a culture that is really hurting.”

The list below identifies ten areas of Bridges of Hope Micronesia’s current work:

  • Teaching at Pacific Islands University
  • Teaching on remote islands
  • Encouraging pastors and Christian leaders
  • Discipleship and counseling
  • PIU seminars and specialized training
  • Staff support and consultation
  • Empowering locals and fostering positive relationships between Micronesian churches and their communities
  • Research and implementation
  • Working with stateside Micronesians
  • Encouraging others to join in our work

If you would like to support this ministry please click here and select Micronesia (Karyn Sorenson) under the allocation drop down menu.  You can also reach Karyn at

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